Super 3 Greens Powder (Barleygrass / Chlorella / Spirulina) - 300g

Super 3 Greens Powder (Barleygrass / Chlorella / Spirulina) - 300g

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Planet Organic Super 3 Greens Powder (Barleygrass/Chlorella/Spirulina) - 300g

Planet Organic – Organic Super 3 Greens combines the three most nutritionally complete greens, Spirulina, Barley Grass and Chlorella, to create one dynamic superfood. Sourced from pure, clean environments, our Organic Super 3 Greens provides optimal nutrition, offering complete protein, numerous essential vitamins and minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids and very high concentrations of chlorophyll.


Three greens in one super nutrient powder!

Rich in chlorophyll and carotenes, high in vitamins and essential minerals including iron, calcium and magnesium.

Complete source of protein that is easily digested.

Gluten free and certified organic!


Ingredients: Barley Grass (33.3%), Chlorella (33.3%), Spirulina (33.3%)



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