Flour for bread (freshly stoneground, organic, NZ grown) - 25kg

Flour for bread (freshly stoneground, organic, NZ grown) - 25kg

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Flour for bread (freshly stoneground, organic, NZ grown) - 25kg


 Lighter than full wholemeal flour with enough grain to give it taste and texture. Ideal for bread makers and general baking. Perfect for sourdoughs. 


Grown in New Zealand. Milled in Hawkes Bay.


Good grain selection is necessary to create great flour. At Chantal we source New Zealand wheat from the Canterbury region and growers we know personally. Every grain is different from the rest – even in the same batch and our expert Miller has the challenge of knowing all about each type of grain and every batch to create the intended flour.

Freshly milled by stone-milling the whole wheat grain, our flour contains the bran and germ as well as the endosperm and is therefore highly nutritious. Made from a hard wheat with a protein level of 13% or higher, Chantal wholemeal gives a hearty flavour and robust texture to baked goods. An all purpose flour suitable for everyday cooking and baking needs.

Store in a cool dry place to maintain freshness and longevity.

  • Certified Organic
  • Milled Fresh


In dry conditions it can be stored for months without losing its high quality. This flour has a 9 month "best before date" from milling.


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