About Us

We, Penelope and Rodney Dawson, started Happy & Healthy in 2002 as a co-op, supplying our local West Auckland community.

At the beginning of 2012 we decided it was time to spread our wings and turn Happy & Healthy into an online retailer store where others outside of our community could also enjoy fresh whole foods and related products at discount prices.


Our name says it all really – we are on a mission to help others become Happy & Healthy through, not only eating and preparing good wholesome, nutritious food, but also educating themselves on being fit for life, physically, mentally and spiritually. 


We are committed to having the largest range of whole food products online in NZ.  When it comes to availability of product we are spoilt for choice.  There are literally hundreds of products on offer, but we are being very careful, as we work on your behalf, deciding what we put up for sale. We have worked out the following guidelines to help us (and you):

  1. Organic were possible (and if the price is right),
  2. Whole foods with a minimum of processing,
  3. No highly processed or broken foods containing chemically based additives,
  4. No refined sugars,
  5. Produced in NZ where possible.


Every month we will be adding a lot more content and interesting links that we believe will help you in your pursuit to be Happy & Healthy.


Please contact us on how you think we can improve the site, also sending us any information (recipes, links, ideas, etc) that you think others would enjoy and benefit from.  Where appropriate we will post these to the site.